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Glenmark’s oncology business, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, serves as the hub for generic research, manufacture and distribution of oncology products for the entire organization. The process began with Glenmark’s acquisition of an Argentine oncology company, Servycal S.A in 2005. Our strategic intent is to emerge as a formidable player in the global oncology segment and this facility will serve as a global hub for the organisation. Accordingly, our product portfolio will focus on a mix of unique ´first to file´ opportunities as well as pure commodities to maximise market reach & return on investment.

 The new manufacturing unit of Glenmark is located in Industrial park of Pilar, (outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires) and is a state-of-the-art facility with capabilities to manufacture cytostatic (segregated) injectables, both in liquid and lyophilized forms. The facility situated on a plot of approx 10,000 sq mtr can produce 1 million units of liquids and around 1.3 million units of lyophilized concentrates. Its sophisticated infrastructure comprises of a liquid line from Italy and lyophilizer from Spain. Owing to this technological edge, the facility can produce a range of products catering to a wide spectrum of disease areas within oncology.

 Our facility, along with our team of qualified professionals, pharmacists and physicians has positioned the business as an important player in oncology in the Latin and Central America region. Today, we have a presence in the oncology segment in several countries, and plans to initiate oncology filings in regulated markets.

Highlights of the Oncology business
  • Presence in oncology in over 20 countries
  • Caters to about 75% of cancer therapy products
  • Presence in cytotoxics, anti-hormonals and supportive therapies


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